Spectators Tips

Admission fees apply, €5 per adult/student for a 1 day pass or €8 for a multi day pass. Under 12's go free. Competitors love enthusiastic, noisy, appreciative crowds. You can make or break the event with your support! We encourage everyone to have fun and get out on the course and see what your heroes are capable of doing. Your job is pretty simple. Turn up on your own, with family or some mates and do your best to encourage every rider from every country to go higher and faster. Noise is good – shouting, airhorns, rattles, drums and even tin whistles!


What to Expect

Dress to Impress! Don't get caught out by the weather while out on course, bring some warm clothes, rain jacket and some insect repellent. We also suggest that you pack your bag with food and water for your day out. If you are looking for cooked food there will be lots of catering options at the Race Village.

Please practice 'Leave no Trace'. "If You Bring It In, Take It Out" - take home all litter and leftover food, including tea bags, fruit peels and other biodegradable foods. Respect property such as farming or forestry machinery, fences, stone walls etc. Leave gates as you find them, either open or closed. Park appropriately, avoid blocking gateways to forest entrances or narrow roads. Remember that event vehicles, local residents and the emergency services need access at all times.

Whilst out on course please take care of the riders approaching at speed. As a mountain bike enthusiast you’ll know what to expect in terms of the action on the hill, but if you are first timer please keep all tracks clear and keep your dog on the lead. Help us make that action as safe and accessible to spectators as possible by always obeying signs and marshal directions – especially if crossing the course – and keeping outside taped areas.